In the modern generation, marketing has gone beyond the traditional level with the latest technology being made available. The task of marketing has thus become easier. Moreover, gone are the days when people used to market their products at a local level, limited to a specific area, state, or country. Now, one can sell their products anywhere around the world using technology. Global market is now reachable at our fingertips.

‘Simply Measured’, a surveying company recently conducted an analysis that concluded that out of all the world’s largest brands, 71% have confided in Instagram as a new marketing strategy. Instagram has taken over as the most rapidly emerging social network all around the globe, leaving behind popular websites like Pinterest and Google+. The study enclosed complete hashtag supervising, multi-account observation, vying monitoring, and a complete social media picture.

Instagram Marketing

Nate Smitha, a marketing analyst at the surveying center claimed that he and his co-workers have been hot on trail with Instagram for a while now and he also confidently stated that Instagram is an outstanding channel to remodel the marketing essence of various brands. A large number of brands have adopted Instagram marketing and many continue to do so at a fast pace. This critical increase in brand adoption has brought consumers and brands closer, through Instagram. You can buy instagram followers to market your business in Instagram.

The social networking website which started off as a mere platform to share photographs of people and to keep them connected, has now become a leading marketing scheme for products like accessories, clothes, automobiles, interiors, beauty products, etc. Basically, Instagram has become the digital one stop shopping platform for all things cheap to the most expensive items. Mercedes-Benz is the current topmost brand on Instagram with more than 9 million active users and a follower count higher than 4,25,000.

Nathan Smitha added that a lot of Instagram users take interest in luxury goods and brands on the website. Hence, it is no surprise that Mercedes which does a fantastic job at visual story telling is one of the most prominent brands on Instagram. It was previously assumed that the social networking site only draws the younger audience but the successful marketing of an elite car such as Mercedes has proven that Instagram attracts the young and old, alike.

The study also proved that as the posts and activities on a profile increase, so do the followers. A majority of top brand dealers make it a point to post once a week, at the least. Also, there has been a tremendous increase in the brand engagement over the past years. The website has helped brands reach great heights and getting them around 70% profits with a staggering growth of 350 percent per year in the brand engagement records.

It is to be noted, that in the process of marketing through Instagram, photos are preferred over videos, by a larger audience. Videos gain momentum at a slower pace than pictures. Hashtags act as the catalyst in brand promotion and have become quite a norm. Thus,It is only understandable that the not so popular brands use more number of hashtags than the popular ones. you can buy real followers on different social media to get popular.