It is advised that before you start off being funky and experimental with your smartphone, you are well acquainted with the rooting terminologies. This will help you get the best out of your phone and also help in cases where error debugging is required during a root process. There are plenty of error messages using technical jargon that one might not be familiar with. We shall go over these terms one by one to make android rooting process a more known one and establish comfort in cases where debugging is required.

Android Rooting Terminology


This is an app that allows you to move apps installed on your android smartphone to the SD card of the device. You can have different SD cards for your phone and apps could be moved to them, so that every time you change SD card, it will host a new set of apps for you. This is one of the most relied upon applications in the android industry. The main reason is the limited storage that smartphones are equipped with.

ADB (Android Debugging Bridge)

It is a command line tool which can be very useful to issue commands via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) so that communications and instructions could flow through the wire from the host computer to the android smartphone device.


Rarely needs introduction, this is Linux based phone and tablet OS from Google Inc. It is open source.

Android 1.0-4.4

These are the versions of Android; you are likely to see stock android based on these versions loaded out of the box on your smartphone.

APK (Android Application Package)

This is the format in which Android apps are packaged. They are the installable and ready to use executable that are backward compatible for most of the android apps, hence supporting different versions of android. Android rooting that you perform will begin likely via installing one such .apk and executing the commands from within the app or the app itself abstracting out commands via exposing button clicks to the user.


This is the first phase in which software is tested. The programs are known to be very unstable in this stage. The alpha stage of the software could lead to frequent crashes and loss of valuable information. There are great number of apps in the market available to root android devices e.g. the ROMs and kernels that are in their alpha phase.


This is a nightmare for a root user. This is a consequence of root process gone wrong. The phone gets stuck in a never ending cycle of boot animations and doesn’t proceed towards starting your phone actually.

Dalvik cache

This is a separate cache meant to store information about your apps so that you could load them faster. During flashing a ROM will always advise to clean sweep data from Dalvik cache.


It is taking advantage of the vulnerabilities exposed under programming to find loopholes and exploit this factor to identify a way out to make the desired change in the software.