We live in the world of warranties and guarantees but it is not the case within SEO. Let me tell you something very interesting. SEO whole itself is a very interesting phenomenon that would lead to top rankings in a blink or either it lowers down its rank in a blink or there may be no change at all or may be no results at all even after optimizing the stuffs. well, let me make you clear this thing, we are so surrounded by the technologies this era that we want everything guaranteed or if it’s not we want it otherwise warranted.

SEO Rankings

We don’t want anything just like that and here also the person who wants their stuffs to be SEO optimized would expect the same thing. for the general people yes they think that after doing the SEO optimization things will go up and down and there would be some miracles to get their post on the high ranks n all but then things are way too different though luckily they may be as they dreamt sometimes but then again quality contents, key words and everything that should be included while SEO optimization is needed. But there may be a problem sometimes because things may not work regularly as per the wish or there may be some circumstances which may lead to no result even after doing SEO optimization.

As explained by a SEO expert working a top New York Based SEO Company, people do not understand this sort of things and they come to argue much with the SEO optimizing persons that the results are not seen way too quick or the result may be dynamic, the graph of the rankings of the post may fluctuate then and now and this is what leads to problem. Okay here is an example of how it happens. here is a question do a person would like to wear a same clothes or eat a same food or travel a same place or read the same book all the time. Well, no it’s very obvious that the answer is no.

Same as that the fluctuations in the rankings are also due to the changing demands, changing needs and changing expectations. People are always in search of new things and once people know about the thing they would hardly search for the same thing again and that’s the reason why the rank changes. Similarly there are lots of other reasons like introduction of the better quality content then yours.

People always want to be the better than the good and best than the better. They would target a highest rank stuff and compete it with better quality and contents. Since the surfer would always go for quality content this may lead to the fluctuation. And there is no guarantee that the rank will ever be the same. It’s way too dynamic.