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Best Linkedin Profile Tips for Job Seekers

Are you a job seeker???don’t worry about your failures,LinkedIn will help you. Linkedin is nothing but it is one of the professional networks,it will be more helpful for job seekers. If you are a job seeker means you should not ignore your LinkedIn profile. The first thing you can do is update you profile regularly.Through LinkedIn profile either you will get some LinkedIn connections or you can buy the LinkedIn connection from us. Here we will give some ways to make your profile seriously shine and start getting noticed by recruiters.


1) Choose a Great Photo:

Choosing an image is the important thing for your profile. The image should be clear,friendly and appropriately professional image. I think everyone knows what is “Appropriately professional”??? It takes a look at what the people in your target company or business level are wearing and the dress code is very important while you are taking a snap.

2) Treat Your Profile like your Resume:

If you are a job seeker, The first thing you should have a resume. Linkedin profile is also just like your resume. It is a place to highlight your best accomplishment. And surely you make your experience section is fleshed out with bullet points and that it describe what you did and how well you did it.

3) Add Multimedia to your Profile:

Instead of describing yourself in a text format, you can use multimedia like images because one picture is truly worth for 1000 words. So instead of just talking your work, you can show yourself in the example or in action.If you want more followers,You can buy linkedin followers from us.

IRCTC PNR Status Check

Most of the people in India select the Indian Railway as a primary source to reach their destination. Either it may be on daily basis or planning for vacations train is a source for Indians. Due to technology development, many things has changed in our day to day life. The railway tickets can also reserve through an online. There are many websites available to check online train status and ticket status.

If you are reserving a ticket through online then you should know how to check the PNR status of train and ticket. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. PNR is a 10 digit unique number used to check the status of a train ticket. Using this PNR number you can get an entire detail of your train ticket. Using PNR number for enquiry, it is easy to know the ticket status whether it is confirmed, reservation against cancellation or waiting.

The following are the different ways for IRCTC PNR Status check:
Call 139: This is one of the best options for PNR status check. 139 is an Indian Railway enquiry number. Dial 139 and you will get Interactive voice response to now the PNR details. Just one call is enough to get PNR train status.
Check through SMS: The easiest way to check PNR status is sending a message to an enquiry department in railways. The SMS should be sending to the following numbers 5676747, 57886, and 5888. These numbers are based on the service provider to get ticket status.
Check through Online websites: Provide a PNR number in the respective field of IRCTC website. There you can easily get a PNR status.

The U-Lock Vs Chain Lock

Discussing the heated debate topic of using the U-Lock versus the Chain lock can divide owners of two-wheelers. Be ready to hear voluble opinions from both users.

If you’re looking for a portable lock to protect your bike in the every day, then you’re most likely best off with a U-lock. While if you only aim to buy a lock for the security of your bike at work and home, then the Chain locks is a good option. What really needs to be taken into consideration is the durability of the locks and the safety it provides to your vehicle. So which lock is best for your bike?

How easy are the locks to use? This is a pertinent question and the size and weight of each lock needs to be taken into consideration. The U-locks are quite hefty which makes it a little difficult to transport around. They can be carried in your bag although some U-locks can be quite troublesome to carry even in your bag. You can largely depend on your frame mount to carry the lock around.

Portable chains are always a good option as they are flexible and less difficult to transport around. In fact, they are the best choice for the top mountain road bikes. They can be wrapped around your seat post or the top tube. Portable chains are actually heavier than U-locks. When it comes to security, the thicker the lock, the better security and resistance it provides. The Almax Immobiliser Series III chain and the Kryptonite New York Lock Standard U-lock are 16 mm thick and neither can be cut with bolt cutters.

Leaving less space inside the lock minimizes the chances of theft. A U-lock which contains a 13 mm shackle can only be broken by the incredibly big bolt cutters. When it comes to Portable Chains, the locks are prone to attacks where the lock is made fragile due to compressed cold air. The major security issue that is posed with portable chains is the thickness of the link. It must be noted that even portable chains can be cut with a bolt cutter. Stationary chains are resistant to bolt cutters and are very difficult for attackers to deal with. These are probably the most secure of the bike locks available in the market.

U-locks are found to have more intrinsic security problems as opposed to chain locks that can work with a good locking technique. A good idea would be to keep your bike as elevated from the ground as possible and filling up the areas in your U-lock system with your bike. When using chains, you can also keep the vehicle above the ground, but chains are usually more vulnerable to bolt cutters. Thus, in terms of security the U-lock is the best lock for your bike.

In terms of pricing, U-locks are usually cheaper than the chain locks and the chain locks are cheaper than the stationary chains. This is because buying the U-lock is actually equivalent to buying a padlock of a big size. A chain lock involves buying the padlock as well as a steel chain. Basically you end up paying for more metal with the chain lock system which makes both a good option.

Building Business – How To Use Free Online Classified Ads

With free classified ads, you can become a long-time or one-time seller. While these online classifieds are free, they go a long way in helping sell your product even if you are a beginner.

Free Online Classified

Types of free online classified ads

Free online classifieds sites are of 2 kinds; some can be upgraded to paid ones while some are completely free. With the ones that are completely free, you gain revenue by attracting advertisers whose aim is to add banners or text links pointing to their sites.

The best Free online classifieds sites have moderation to determine the ads that appear in the site. The aim is to prevent illegal products from being included in the ads listings.

Those that are absolutely free for all, with no moderation tend to offer very little to advertisers and customers. The website is saturated with numerous advertisements yet they are not of value to potential customers.

Building your business

The absolutely free for all sites are not good if you intend to build your business. Since there is no moderation and are unpaid, what you stand to lose is time.

Free ads website offering to place free classifieds need to invest in human filter system. Websites that do not maintain their integrity in this manner will hardly be recognized as good sites even if the service is for free.

You just need the basics of ads writing for you to gain from free online classifieds. Determine what your potential customers are likely to be on the lookout for while reading your classified ads. As you draft the free classified ads, you must appeal to that requirement.

For you to write ads like an expert, start by imagining yourself as the buyer who is searching for that particular product. Which product description is likely to sound believable to you? What description is likely to be attractive to you? What ads are likely to be successful in selling you the product? Apply the answers you have in the ads.

Come up with different variations of your ads. Determine the one that seems to perform well and put the bad ones aside. Pay special attention to the ads that seem to perform very well. Continue testing new ads. This is one way of continually improving the quality of the ad and increasing the sales volume.

Downside of free classified ads websites

Initially, some websites get your attention by placing a genuine offer. They give you the option of posting your ads for free. With time, they start sending you e-mail to inform you about other opportunities for you to tart posting the ads at a certain fee. If possible, find out the free niche related ads websites like home appliances classifieds, vehicles classifieds etc.. that other successful businesses are using.

SEO: Fluctuating Rankings, No Guarantee

We live in the world of warranties and guarantees but it is not the case within SEO. Let me tell you something very interesting. SEO whole itself is a very interesting phenomenon that would lead to top rankings in a blink or either it lowers down its rank in a blink or there may be no change at all or may be no results at all even after optimizing the stuffs. well, let me make you clear this thing, we are so surrounded by the technologies this era that we want everything guaranteed or if it’s not we want it otherwise warranted.

SEO Rankings

We don’t want anything just like that and here also the person who wants their stuffs to be SEO optimized would expect the same thing. for the general people yes they think that after doing the SEO optimization things will go up and down and there would be some miracles to get their post on the high ranks n all but then things are way too different though luckily they may be as they dreamt sometimes but then again quality contents, key words and everything that should be included while SEO optimization is needed. But there may be a problem sometimes because things may not work regularly as per the wish or there may be some circumstances which may lead to no result even after doing SEO optimization.

As explained by a SEO expert working a top New York Based SEO Company, people do not understand this sort of things and they come to argue much with the SEO optimizing persons that the results are not seen way too quick or the result may be dynamic, the graph of the rankings of the post may fluctuate then and now and this is what leads to problem. Okay here is an example of how it happens. here is a question do a person would like to wear a same clothes or eat a same food or travel a same place or read the same book all the time. Well, no it’s very obvious that the answer is no.

Same as that the fluctuations in the rankings are also due to the changing demands, changing needs and changing expectations. People are always in search of new things and once people know about the thing they would hardly search for the same thing again and that’s the reason why the rank changes. Similarly there are lots of other reasons like introduction of the better quality content then yours.

People always want to be the better than the good and best than the better. They would target a highest rank stuff and compete it with better quality and contents. Since the surfer would always go for quality content this may lead to the fluctuation. And there is no guarantee that the rank will ever be the same. It’s way too dynamic.

Different Mehendi Designs For Every Female

Beauty comes in many forms. Some of it is cultural and depicts the heritage of a particular ethnic group. Indian women, for instance, have their cultural beauty tips they use to augment their natural, God-given beauty. Whether you are talking of their baby faces, long and dark silky hair or even their soft skin with different complexions, Indian ladies are very pretty. Their main forms of traditional beauty include the Mehendi designs. These are drawn on body parts such as hands, feet, and shoulders.

Mehendi Designs

Mehendi motifs explained

These designs are mostly floral motifs drawn expertly on the skin with henna. All of you, ladies, are familiar with henna. In India, and other parts of Asia, henna is a very crucial beauty enhancer. Used by older and younger women alike, henna can be bought from the stores or made at home. Rural Indians make their henna from Mehendi leaves. Outside India, particularly in Arabic nations, Mehendi designs are drawn on the same body parts as listed above. However, there is a small dissimilarity between Arabic and Indian motifs. Indian ones tend to be smaller and finely crafted while the Arabic ones are usually bigger. All designs tend to be extremely creative and beautiful though.

There is a great design for everyone

Mehendi is a top trend now and is even featured in some college designing contests. That being said, young people who usually follow the hype might want to use some Mehendi patterns produced in some of these contests. Designs for youngsters can be found online.

When you are not interested in overdoing your body art, you can select a simple floral design. It may start at the point where you fit your watch or bracelet with an over sized flower. Then two small flowers attached to each other with thin lines can be drawn on the back of the hand without touching your fingers.

A long design starting from the elbow to fingers is simple yet so stunning. It can drawn in whichever way you desire but a combination of lines, dots, flowers and leaves will leave such an irresistible motif on your arm. When a floral motif needs to be avoided, a woman can use a criss-cross technique to decorate the tips of her long and slender fingers as well as wrists.

Still, she can achieve the same design with tiny, shaded leaves connected via spiral lines, straight lines and dots. Semi-circular shaped motifs are also very commonly picked. They are perfect for the wrist, backof hands and finger tips. A semi-circular pattern is picked for brides to enhance their appearance in bridal jewelry. How can we forget Mehendi designs for the legs? They are as varied as motifs and patterns drawn on the feminine hands and shoulders of ladies.

Control The Heartburn In Order To Avoid Sore Throat

Precautionary measures are developed to stay away from a dangerous thing. When talking about the health matters and issues, it is not possible to ignore the precautionary measures and methods developed by the doctors. These methods and practices are developed after identifying the mode of action or property of an infection or disease. Sore Throat is a common health issue making troubles for the people everywhere.


It is considered that this infection can’t be controlled without giving time and money. Both the requirements are acceptable for the patients because all the medical treatments use this common strategy but the pain and trouble one has to suffer is not acceptable.

Sore Throat is Really Dangerous:

Unlike other infections, this throat problem is very dangerous. It is a slow developing problem in unfavorable conditions. But it becomes prominent or quick when it receives a set of suitable growth conditions. It is required to be careful when dealing with this type of nasty health problems. Most of the health experts believe that this infection develops when the body has internal issues. What type of internal issue may cause Sore Throat? Well, you can find numerous reasons and causes but it is recommended to focus on the heartburn.

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn is not a heart problem. Instead, it is a digestive issue that starts from stomach. Modern studies revealed that this condition occurs when the stomach stop working according to the normal conditions. There are different fluids and secretions released by the gastric walls. All these fluids have some properties to digest the foods. In a disturbed condition, the stomach starts to release acidic fluids. These fluids are considered very dangerous for the digestive system. It creates acidic fluids frequently. These fluids are pulled back towards the esophagus. Frequent repetition makes the throat vulnerable for the infections like Sore Throat.

How to Control it?

Before you start finding the treatments for Sore Throat, it is required to focus on the heartburn. It is more important to control this problem in order to remove the stomach disorder. In most of the situations, the people don’t realize what’s happening with them. In this type of situation, a person must visit a doctor without further delay. Heartburn should not be ignored. If you are feeling certain conditions then you should take immediate actions. This will help you to prevent the development of Sore Throat.

Pay Full Attention:

The patients of heartburn should pay proper attention towards the control measures. It is very essential to control this disorder if you want to feel free. Long term or frequent heartburn condition may establish the Sore Throat inside the throat with strong basis. Therefore, heartburn should be controlled as soon as possible.

A SEO Campaign Has To Be Based On The Type Of The Website

Everyone who owns the website wants it to rank well within search engines such as Yahoo and Google. If you are using the keywords that are not common or which are not used by other websites, it will be easy to rank at the top of the search engine. However, the first step towards ranking well with certain keywords is to make sure that these keywords are found on your site. If you put the keywords on the website, you have also to check if it is in the name that search engines can read. For example, Google cannot read graphics.

SEO Campaign

Your website has to be considered worth it to be listed on the top

If the keywords are competitive, you will need to make your website worthy of being ranked well. You have to know that search engines want to list good sites first and since if they list bad sites, the people will turn to other search engines. Like the active team at LA Design Marketing company said, if you want to get on the top of the SERP, it is important for you to earn it. If you want to be on the top, you should not try to trick the search engines. The search engines always change how they rank the websites so the tricks that did work before they may not work now. However, you have to know that when you get on the top, you still need to use all your effort to stay on the top.

The SEO strategy to use depends on the type of the website

You have to optimize your website depending on the type of the website. If your site is for online store, you have to consider high quality or low price of the products depending on audience that you want to target. You have to make a large selection, responsive customers’ service and an easy process when it comes to order. There is much information on the products that you can sell with the customer reviews for their products. You have to consider the website of your competitors and to ensure that you are doing something better than them.

If your website is a magazine, you have to create two articles each week and if you cannot at least do a page on weekly basis. At the minimum, you have to create the articles every month. The articles have to be compelling, authoritative, interesting and unique.

Some people who do not have time want to get some tricks on how to develop their website in easy way. This is why some websites may not be able to rank well. If you want to rank well, you have to start by looking for the websites that rank well and try to outrank them. However, you have to outrank them by making the websites better compared to the competitors but not use the tricks which can improve the websites on short term.

Considerable Suggestions To Generate Web Traffic

Do you know what is Guest Blogging? Today, bloggers are using multiple approaches and facilities to promote the web products and services. It has become an essential matter for the online bloggers and website owners to focus on the modern day techniques to promote the online activities. Guest blogging is an attractive strategy being used by the bloggers. It helps them to attract the readers from different communities and societies. How to use guest blogging to increase the Web Traffic of your website? It is the main topic of this article. Let’s see prominent benefits of guest blogging.

Website Traffic

Make a network:

Guest blogging is known best to make a network online. Actually, the guest bloggers are the expert writers working independently. They help to create a new align to drive web traffic to personal as well as blogs of friends. This strategy is very successful and it is being used with high preferences. It will be better to consider the prominent benefits of online networks for the rapid promotion of your websites. You can also buy targeted traffic to my website.

Share the posts:

This is a second form of guest blogging. The guest blogs are given instant access to the web page so they can share the blogs and articles on your websites. In this way, the discussion appears on two web pages at once. This strategy helps the bloggers to share the traffic by maximizing the chances of better search engine connectivity. The search engines will pick both the websites and blogs for the users. Sharing the posts also encourages the web link development. In technical terms it is called Back-link development.

Make free blogging style:

Allow the members and readers to post articles on your site. Normally, the website owners don’t allow the readers to upload articles because of the quality control strategy. However, it is possible to create a new web page for the online readers. The readers will post lengthy or short articles on this page in order to share experience and knowledge about a specific topic. It is required to select the members who can share the posts on a web page. Don’t forget to leave comments on each discussion posted by the readers and members.

Request discussions on hot issues:

You need to be very smart in this matter. Try to utilize the latest issues for the quick Web Traffic generation. Actually, it is a best approach to buy traffic web and gain more reputation. Try to provide the information about a new topic or issue as soon as possible. It will be better if you request the bloggers and readers to write about the concerning issues. This will help to generate contents easily. Don’t be worried about the search engine optimization or optimization of the contents.

New Year Celebration – Multiple Ways To Celebrate

New Year is a big event to celebrate and there are different ways to celebrate the occasion. The English New Year is the globally accepted New Year as the English calendar is the calendar that is accepted throughout the world. Thus the entire world waits for the entire year to celebrate this special day of the year. Among the many ways to celebrate this event, there is few celebration style that are very much common. Arrange a short trip during the vacation, arranging a big party and to make a great merry of the event with food, dance and beverages are the common methods of enjoying the event of New Year.

New Year Celebration

Arranging a tour

This is the time of the year, when the North American and the European countries enjoys a short vacation. The schools, colleges and even the workplaces also enjoy the holidays. Under such a condition, all the family members or getting all the friends of the college in a reunion becomes easy. It is a common way of celebration to arrange a short tour around the world or at some remote places, so that the bondage between the friends or the family members strengthens more and the celebration of the New Year is completed with fun and rejoices. The world tours are conducted mainly to the counties with warmer weathers and the choice is generally Asia, Africa, Latin America and many a times it is the Australia also.

Arrange a Big Party

The vacation of the New Year continues from that of the Christmas and many families arrange a grand party at their house for these seven continuous days. They usually decorate their houses with puppets for Christmas, with papers and glow to celebrate the midnight of the New Year and also arrange the food stuff for the guests to enjoy the holiday and the vacation with the family members who remains busy in their job throughout the year. This is the ideal time for all the family members and the friends of college to reunite as all the offices and schools or colleges enjoys a vacation during this time for the festival as well as for the snowfall.

Foods and Beverage stalls at the colleges

The college friends always are spread to different parts of the country for their higher studies or for their job posting and they hardly get a chance to reunite. This festive season is the best time to be reunited again and that reunion may be made in a style. The college friends may arrange a show at the college like the college festival and decorate that arrangement with delicious foods and beverages. This is an unique way to celebrate the new year which serves the purpose of the reunion as well as the celebration for the Christmas and the new year.

This three are the common methods of celebrating the New Year and the festive time with friends, families and the dear ones. This is the time to be with them, with whom, one wants to be mixed up for the year, but got no time due to hard work and job pressure.