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Terminology Involved In Android Rooting

It is advised that before you start off being funky and experimental with your smartphone, you are well acquainted with the rooting terminologies. This will help you get the best out of your phone and also help in cases where error debugging is required during a root process. There are plenty of error messages using technical jargon that one might not be familiar with. We shall go over these terms one by one to make android rooting process a more known one and establish comfort in cases where debugging is required.

Android Rooting Terminology


This is an app that allows you to move apps installed on your android smartphone to the SD card of the device. You can have different SD cards for your phone and apps could be moved to them, so that every time you change SD card, it will host a new set of apps for you. This is one of the most relied upon applications in the android industry. The main reason is the limited storage that smartphones are equipped with.

ADB (Android Debugging Bridge)

It is a command line tool which can be very useful to issue commands via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) so that communications and instructions could flow through the wire from the host computer to the android smartphone device.


Rarely needs introduction, this is Linux based phone and tablet OS from Google Inc. It is open source.

Android 1.0-4.4

These are the versions of Android; you are likely to see stock android based on these versions loaded out of the box on your smartphone.

APK (Android Application Package)

This is the format in which Android apps are packaged. They are the installable and ready to use executable that are backward compatible for most of the android apps, hence supporting different versions of android. Android rooting that you perform will begin likely via installing one such .apk and executing the commands from within the app or the app itself abstracting out commands via exposing button clicks to the user.


This is the first phase in which software is tested. The programs are known to be very unstable in this stage. The alpha stage of the software could lead to frequent crashes and loss of valuable information. There are great number of apps in the market available to root android devices e.g. the ROMs and kernels that are in their alpha phase.


This is a nightmare for a root user. This is a consequence of root process gone wrong. The phone gets stuck in a never ending cycle of boot animations and doesn’t proceed towards starting your phone actually.

Dalvik cache

This is a separate cache meant to store information about your apps so that you could load them faster. During flashing a ROM will always advise to clean sweep data from Dalvik cache.


It is taking advantage of the vulnerabilities exposed under programming to find loopholes and exploit this factor to identify a way out to make the desired change in the software.

Valentine’s Day – The Story Behind

Stating back to the times of the Roman Empire on the 14th of February 496 AD, the day St. Valentine was executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Every year people across the United States and different parts of the world especially Christian nations exchange gifts, cards, chocolates between their loved ones in the name of VALENTINE to commemorate his martyrdom. A festival popularly known as the festival of love specially celebrated amongst couples to express their limitless love for each other. Today we bring to you the story behind this festival.

Valentines Day Story

St. Valentine:

As of now no proper details of St Valentine is found anywhere by historians. The only facts known about him are that he was a Roman priest who used to conduct marriages in secrecy for the Roman soldiers who were forbidden to marry as the Roman Emperor at that time Claudius II believed that single men made much better soldiers than those having wives or children. St Valentine challenged this policy of the Roman Emperor and took up the task of getting them married in secrecy. Upon knowing about the acts of this great saint, he immediately tried him and ordered his execution. The emperor went to meet him in person to have a discussion and was highly impressed by his thoughts. In order to give St Valentine a chance to save his life and escape persecution, the emperor asked him to convert to Roman Paganism to which he refused and instead tried to convert Claudius II into Christianity. After this act he was executed. While in jail the saint did a miracle by curing his jailor’s young ailing daughter named Julia who was blind and later on fell in love with her.

Death And Aftermath:

On the evening of February 14 before Valentine was to be executed, he wrote the first ever valentine greeting card to his jailor’s daughter who was no longer blind signing as “your valentine”. An expression still in use with little modification as “FROM YOUR VALENTINE” used in greeting cards and Valentine’s Day love letters in modern times. Later he was buried in the Church of Paradexes in Rome. Legend also states that St Valentine used to cut out hearts from parchment (a material made from animal skin) and distributed amongst the Roman soldiers in order to remind them of their vows and God’s love. This is a possible origin of the use of hearts during St Valentine’s Day. Presently the shrine of St Valentine is located in Dublin, Ireland.

Worldwide Celebration:

On this day, people from all corners of the world exchange cards, gifts and chocolates just to express their love for each other. In Christian countries worldwide the festival is largely celebrated with great pomp and show however in few countries like the Muslim nations consider this festival as unethical and arrest or punish those who indulge in celebrating it. In India couples face a hard time from fear of being harassed by leftists who despise this festival as Western Imperialism but in spite of all the obstructions, there is no stopping this festival from gaining popularity in our country with each passing year.

Instagram Marketing – The Modern Marketing

In the modern generation, marketing has gone beyond the traditional level with the latest technology being made available. The task of marketing has thus become easier. Moreover, gone are the days when people used to market their products at a local level, limited to a specific area, state, or country. Now, one can sell their products anywhere around the world using technology. Global market is now reachable at our fingertips.

‘Simply Measured’, a surveying company recently conducted an analysis that concluded that out of all the world’s largest brands, 71% have confided in Instagram as a new marketing strategy. Instagram has taken over as the most rapidly emerging social network all around the globe, leaving behind popular websites like Pinterest and Google+. The study enclosed complete hashtag supervising, multi-account observation, vying monitoring, and a complete social media picture.

Instagram Marketing

Nate Smitha, a marketing analyst at the surveying center claimed that he and his co-workers have been hot on trail with Instagram for a while now and he also confidently stated that Instagram is an outstanding channel to remodel the marketing essence of various brands. A large number of brands have adopted Instagram marketing and many continue to do so at a fast pace. This critical increase in brand adoption has brought consumers and brands closer, through Instagram. You can buy instagram followers to market your business in Instagram.

The social networking website which started off as a mere platform to share photographs of people and to keep them connected, has now become a leading marketing scheme for products like accessories, clothes, automobiles, interiors, beauty products, etc. Basically, Instagram has become the digital one stop shopping platform for all things cheap to the most expensive items. Mercedes-Benz is the current topmost brand on Instagram with more than 9 million active users and a follower count higher than 4,25,000.

Nathan Smitha added that a lot of Instagram users take interest in luxury goods and brands on the website. Hence, it is no surprise that Mercedes which does a fantastic job at visual story telling is one of the most prominent brands on Instagram. It was previously assumed that the social networking site only draws the younger audience but the successful marketing of an elite car such as Mercedes has proven that Instagram attracts the young and old, alike.

The study also proved that as the posts and activities on a profile increase, so do the followers. A majority of top brand dealers make it a point to post once a week, at the least. Also, there has been a tremendous increase in the brand engagement over the past years. The website has helped brands reach great heights and getting them around 70% profits with a staggering growth of 350 percent per year in the brand engagement records.

It is to be noted, that in the process of marketing through Instagram, photos are preferred over videos, by a larger audience. Videos gain momentum at a slower pace than pictures. Hashtags act as the catalyst in brand promotion and have become quite a norm. Thus,It is only understandable that the not so popular brands use more number of hashtags than the popular ones. you can buy real followers on different social media to get popular.