Beauty comes in many forms. Some of it is cultural and depicts the heritage of a particular ethnic group. Indian women, for instance, have their cultural beauty tips they use to augment their natural, God-given beauty. Whether you are talking of their baby faces, long and dark silky hair or even their soft skin with different complexions, Indian ladies are very pretty. Their main forms of traditional beauty include the Mehendi designs. These are drawn on body parts such as hands, feet, and shoulders.

Mehendi Designs

Mehendi motifs explained

These designs are mostly floral motifs drawn expertly on the skin with henna. All of you, ladies, are familiar with henna. In India, and other parts of Asia, henna is a very crucial beauty enhancer. Used by older and younger women alike, henna can be bought from the stores or made at home. Rural Indians make their henna from Mehendi leaves. Outside India, particularly in Arabic nations, Mehendi designs are drawn on the same body parts as listed above. However, there is a small dissimilarity between Arabic and Indian motifs. Indian ones tend to be smaller and finely crafted while the Arabic ones are usually bigger. All designs tend to be extremely creative and beautiful though.

There is a great design for everyone

Mehendi is a top trend now and is even featured in some college designing contests. That being said, young people who usually follow the hype might want to use some Mehendi patterns produced in some of these contests. Designs for youngsters can be found online.

When you are not interested in overdoing your body art, you can select a simple floral design. It may start at the point where you fit your watch or bracelet with an over sized flower. Then two small flowers attached to each other with thin lines can be drawn on the back of the hand without touching your fingers.

A long design starting from the elbow to fingers is simple yet so stunning. It can drawn in whichever way you desire but a combination of lines, dots, flowers and leaves will leave such an irresistible motif on your arm. When a floral motif needs to be avoided, a woman can use a criss-cross technique to decorate the tips of her long and slender fingers as well as wrists.

Still, she can achieve the same design with tiny, shaded leaves connected via spiral lines, straight lines and dots. Semi-circular shaped motifs are also very commonly picked. They are perfect for the wrist, backof hands and finger tips. A semi-circular pattern is picked for brides to enhance their appearance in bridal jewelry. How can we forget Mehendi designs for the legs? They are as varied as motifs and patterns drawn on the feminine hands and shoulders of ladies.