Diwali is an important festival of Hindus and they do celebrate the festival by a royal style. The lights and the candles and also the fireworks make the festivals as celebration with light, sound, fragrance and also with delicious sweets. There are different types of flowers that are used for the decoration of the houses and the rooms and there are also different types of lights to decorate the room. Diyas are used to make every corner of the house glow with the pleasant light of the diyas.

Diwali Fireworks

The fragrance has another duty to do. Turning the entire house and the rooms feel the festival and the celebration is the duty of the fragrances. The fire crackers are also a vital role player on the evening of the Diwali. They are to make the entire evening an entertaining session for all the people, starting from the kids to the old people.

Varieties of crackers

The crackers are the things of attraction for the kids and the teens at a great extent, but the elders also get great fun out of them. There are different types of crackers and they are segmented on the basis of their nature sound. Some of the crackers sound very loud, some are soft. There is a variety of the crackers which cracks two times once when placed and the second time when in the air. There is another variety of cracker which is not an individual one but is a cracker that cracks in a series.

There are some crackers again which doesn’t need fire to burst. They are homemade crackers which bursts by the force it hits the ground, wall or any surface. More powerful is the hit, more powerful its sounds are. If you would want to learn the different types of crackers, which you can use for Diwali visit happydiwaliblog.com!

Varieties of the flying fire elements

Fire elements that fly in the sky are beautiful to look at. They take different shapes and they also show different color shows and their beauty on the sky, especially the night sky, is awesome in some proper words. There are some fireworks that fly in the sky by going from one side to the other side within a glance and they are popularly called rocket and rocket shells.

There are some other fireworks for the sky that takes the shape of different faces as they explode in the middle of the sky. There is another rocket which emits a parachute after the ignition is over. The parachute is supported with a fired tail and the fire tail floats in the sky for quite some time and that is a real beauty in the night sky.

Varieties of land fireworks

There are two distinct types of fireworks which are very much popular. The first one is the fire emitting shower and they emit fire particles that reach thirty or forty feet at some times. They look gorgeous with thick fire body with white particles; the force of the emissio0n of the fire against the gravitational force is a beauty to watch. The second one is the whirling fireworks. This firework whirls on the floor and makes a whirling effect that looks really beautiful.